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Adult Colouring book published: Drawn to the Ocean

Creating an adult colouring book

Gillian Adams shell mandala

Painting in watercolours or acrylics has been a relaxing hobby for me. I also love drawing in pen and ink so was delighted to see that these were gaining popularity through adult colouring books.

Being creative, whether it's making earrings or doodling, can be totally absorbing so I can understand why these books have a calming effect on people.

As well as writing fiction, I've also started the first drawing for my own colouring book which will be ocean themed.

As I grew up and still live in the south-west of England, I've found the coastline very inspiring so some of the images will include myths from the area such as mermaids and pirates - though not necessarily on the same page!

All the images will be hand drawn, then scanned into my computer and the first one, pictured above, will be a shell mandala.

The book will be published through Createspace and available on Amazon by late Spring 2016.

In the meantime, happy colouring!


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